Rock Band Medium Difficulty

Medium Difficulty tee by Shaolinen. Available from
I recently found that Rock Band is a little better than Guitar Hero: World Tour. I enjoy playing the bass version of songs, mainly because I play bass in real life. The one thing that is similar for both games is that I always play on Medium.
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The Comedian RIP

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My brother described The Watchmen as “costume vigilantes, that’s all you need to know. Oh yeah, and only one of them has superpowers.”

Intriging I thought! So, I went out and bought it. Met up with my brother and told him “hey I went and bought The Watchmen”.

“You fool!” he replies. “There’s already a copy on the bookshelf. You shoulda asked me first”

While I am 3/4 of the way through reading it, I knew that there should be a t-shirt of this graphic novel. And the graphic novel is being translated into a movie, due for release next year AND it’s going to be shown in the IMAX theatre.

The trailer sent chills down my spine for fucks sake.

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Galactus with Surfer

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Back in the day, waaay before the 2nd Fantastic Four movie came out, I had this idea. Shame we didn’t get it printed in time for the premiere.

I always thought Galactus was this massive super being as large as planets. Then I found out that he’s only 28″9′. I still didn’t grasp how tall he was until I compared him to a smaller more reasonably sized person. I used to love dinosaur books as a kid.

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Irregular updates

It seems that I tell the time and date properly and failed to update this shirt blog. I’m not even quite so sure about this format. Blog sites are very new to me. As far as I have seen on other blog sites, I just come across them and there’s loads of posts already. Good for them I guess.

As far as Shaolinen posts are concerned, I will update whenever I have time. Those of you who have subscribed will get word of our new shirts at the time of posting which is nice.

We’re just gonna do our thing and see where it leads us…

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Bruce Lines Shirt

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Hailed as the godfather of martial arts cinema, Bruce Lee was the one who set the standard on which many were to later meet. Born in San Francisco to a Chinese opera singer, he grew up in Hong Kong in 1950’s fighting and dancing his way through his teenage years. He was fortunate enough to have received Wing Chun tuition under the Great Grandmaster Yip Man, the man who brought Wing Chun to the general public in Hong Kong. Seen often as the embodiment of Kung Fu, Bruce Lee honed and trained himself to become a true kung fu master able to knock-out any opponent in seconds. His studies culminated with his martial art of Jeet Kwon Do, the “Way of the Intercepting Fist” which is a system or philosophy of fighting containing many vital practical aspects of martial combat. On-screen he worked with fledgling greats and can be seen in Enter the Dragon with Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan and even Yuen Wah. Decades after his mysterious death, his legacy lives on and he himself has become legend.

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Mecha Shirt

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Mecha is a genre of Japanese Animé with stories centred around mechanical robots with humanoid arms and legs controlled by an operator inside – much like the APUs in The Matrix. It all started in 1956 with Mitsuteru Yokoyama’s manga book Tetsujin 28-go which was later made into an animated film which spawned a whole genre of mechanical robot stories. More famous were the Gundam and Macross series which showcased Mecha of incredible size used to fight in wars. More domestic-sized Mecha can be seen in Patlabor for construction and general policing in Appleseed.

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Why are we doing this considering that almost every so-called ‘cool’ design company or designer makes teeshirts? Well, we won’t lie, we’re in it for some money, but we’re also tired of seeing some poorly designed, badly thought- out pastiche of martial arts or oriental culture.

It is high time a sense of realism came about to give martial arts a better standing in the market. Skaters, hip-hop sports wear, football and rugby all have their urban following, but martial arts has yet to be represented. A lot of our designs are based on martial arts and oriental themes with a view at more authenticity and perhaps education. A lot of people don’t even know that the words “Kung-Fu” actually means “hard work” (because it takes a lot of hard-work to become a master).

We aim to produce the best martial arts orientated teeshirts around. Since there aren’t many out that we liked, it made sense to make our own to wear.

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