Why are we doing this considering that almost every so-called ‘cool’ design company or designer makes teeshirts? Well, we won’t lie, we’re in it for some money, but we’re also tired of seeing some poorly designed, badly thought- out pastiche of martial arts or oriental culture.

It is high time a sense of realism came about to give martial arts a better standing in the market. Skaters, hip-hop sports wear, football and rugby all have their urban following, but martial arts has yet to be represented. A lot of our designs are based on martial arts and oriental themes with a view at more authenticity and perhaps education. A lot of people don’t even know that the words “Kung-Fu” actually means “hard work” (because it takes a lot of hard-work to become a master).

We aim to produce the best martial arts orientated teeshirts around. Since there aren’t many out that we liked, it made sense to make our own to wear.

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