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Les Rythmes Digitales vs N*E*R*D

Les Rythmes Digitales remixed with NERD. Hopefully you know who each are before you purchase this shirt.

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Phoenix – 1901

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Such a fantastic album of last year. I saw them live last year but hadn’t made this shirt yet and it woulda been awesome to go a gig with a custom band shirt.

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New Order – Unknown Pleasures

I’ve always liked the New Order singles album art. I don’t know if it has any form of connotations with the band because I’m not the greatest fan in the world, but it looks really nice. A golden wireframe leaf. … Continue reading

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Kick Ass

Just like The Watchmen before, I saw this trailer and felt that this is gonna be a goood movie. Yet again based on a comic book and it’s currently still in circulation. It’s gonna be awesome.

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Shaolin 36

There are only 35 chambers of Shaolin. There is no 36th.

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Daft Ferdinand

For the Daft Punk fans, for the Franz Ferdinand fans. It’s a little known fact that Daft Punk remixed Frans Ferdinand’s Take Me Out. It sounds as if Daft Punk were still drunk on their skreetchy guitar effects and inserted … Continue reading

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The Strokes – Hard To Explain

I’ve always loved The Strokes, a fantastic NYC rock band. Hard To Explain is from their debut album, Is This It?, and it’s one of my favourites. All the songs off Is This It? are awesome.

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